Message from Director General

Welcome to the official website of Department of Livestock Services (DLS). DLS is one of the departments under the Ministry of Fisheries and Livestock, Government of the Peoples Republic of Bangladesh.

DLS spearheads the government's development in the livestock sector of Bangladesh. Livestock mainly plays an important role in the national economy, contributing significantly to agriculture and the gross national product. 44% of human daily intake of animal protein comes from livestock products. It also helps earning foreign exchange through export of hides & skins. Furthermore it plays a pivotal role in the rural socio economic system as maximum households directly involved in livestock.

Primarily this website has now been developed. Secondly the development and establishment of online MIS software will be done very soon to provide stakeholders information relevant to livestock production, research, market price, trade, human resource development activities etc. Your valuable comments are highly appreciated.

Ajay Kumar Ray

Director General
Department of Livestock Services (DLS)
Phone: 9101932
Fax: 9110326